We're Built for Situations Where Expertise Doesn't Yet Exist







It's about the Brains and Experience, Not the Practice of Old Knowledge

The world of business is more fluid now than it’s ever been before. Paradigm-shifting innovations are redefining the landscape on almost a monthly basis, and the speed of this change is not going to slow any time soon.

Expertise is great when it comes to dealing with familiar situations, because it is about repeated application
of pre-existing knowledge. But it struggles with completely new situations that call for more than just
a playbook approach.

Sticks is built around leveraging brainpower and experience, mobilized across an extraordinary range of
diverse perspectives. These are the three factors that hold the key to making progress where there is no
precedent to call upon.

We offer no subject-matter expertise. If your problem calls for that, then you should go find your expert.
But for the stuff that nobody yet has the answer to, Sticks is here to help.

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