Creativity as a Service







When you need more than the standard approach

Sticks is an investigative strategy company that works across all silos of the business, helping to deal with situations where even what needs to happen isn’t entirely clear, let alone how to make that thing happen.

Today’s businesses face some unprecedented challenges – and opportunities – for which straightforward playbook solutions don’t yet exist. The regular subject-matter expertise hasn’t been invented yet. The only way forward isn’t an appeal to established practice or knowledge. It requires raw brainpower, some distanced objectivity, and fresh but experienced perspective.

Sticks is a community of over 300 business thinkers from a very wide array of backgrounds. It coordinates and leverages these minds in a way that applies creativity to the work of research, strategy, and implementation.
We call this Creativity as a Service.

The result is more imagination than most consultancies, broader commercial savvy than most agencies,
and much better questions than most research companies.

Some businesses are moving so fast, they just need a smart pause. Others need help getting unstuck.
For both situations, Sticks delivers an adaptive advantage that will lead to profitable change.

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