Creativity as a Service

When you need breakthroughs more than neat solutions

Sticks is a qualitative strategy company with offices in Seattle and Oxford. It comprises a community of over 400 business thinkers from a very wide array of backgrounds on both sides of the Atlantic. It coordinates and leverages these minds in a way that applies creative thinking to the work of research, strategy, and implementation. We call this Creativity as a Service.

Today’s businesses face some unprecedented challenges – and opportunities – for which straightforward playbook solutions don’t yet exist. Sometimes what’s more needed is a perspective rather than just an answer. Sometimes proper consideration is more valuable than hasty decision. Sometimes the relevant subject-matter expertise hasn’t yet been invented. Sometimes making a difference is more important than just avoiding any mistakes.

In these situations, the only way forward isn’t an appeal to established practice, knowledge, process and tools. It requires raw brainpower, a bit of distanced objectivity, a spark of imagination, and some fresh but experienced perspective.

Some businesses are moving so fast, they just need a smart pause. Others need help getting unstuck. For both scenarios, Sticks delivers creative breakthroughs that lead to profitable change.