We Ask Better Questions

Examine Every Assumption

We don’t start by assuming we know the answer. We start by finding the right questions.

Then we’re…

We can access more hands, and more brains, more quickly than any static internal or agency structure, let alone any single consultant.

Our community represents a larger breadth of knowledge and experience than any company could sensibly retain on a permanent basis. And the wealth of perspectives we bring leads to more profitable business outcomes.

Our overhead is slim and we don’t operate off flat-rates. We just engage with what you need when you need it. We go further for the same money than any agency or individual consultant can.

The way we work is not fettered by process. We think about questions, develop hypotheses, and give air to thinking. It’s not just about objectives, answers and execution.

We’re not all from the same background. We have marketers and agency people, but we also have people from the worlds of architecture, accountancy, academia, carpentry, neurology, non-profit, politics, restaurants, law, management consultancy, journalism, as well as an array of entrepreneurs.

We’re also more fun and less bullshitty. We take our work very seriously, but ourselves not at all.
We never kid ourselves that we’re saving the universe.