For those who need something a little different

Substance over service

We help business leaders and decision-makers who have intractable challenges that they’re finding difficult to make progress with through the usual channels. We’re the place to go when you’re not quite sure where to go, but do know that it needs to start with proper thinking rather than fluff and fancies.

Type of person Wrong for Sticks Right for Sticks
Corporate C-suite/Director Likes sycophants and yes-men. Being respected is more important than being right. Needs trusted sounding board that will challenge big-picture thinking.
Managing director/partner of SME Wants partners with replicable category experience and a bagful of case histories. Demands fresh thinking that is specific to the peculiarities of the situation.
VP/Director of established brand Believes salvation lies in yet another re-worked value proposition. Open to examining all premises and assumptions in order to make a real difference to the business.
Start-up entrepreneur Sees marketing as table-dressing, just logos and taglines. Understands that the way you do it and talk about it is just as important as what you do.
Any decision-maker in need of information Knows what has to be found out, just needs someone to organize it. Tired of seeing tens of thousands spent on research that reveals nothing that wasn’t already known.